I love stories and real people. 

After graduating from the Art Institute of Seattle with the whole-hearted intention of becoming a photojournalist, I married a red-headed metal enthusiast and realized in-the-line-of-danger photography was not an option anymore. I decided instead to take the style I love to the people I love and began photographing families and friends as an observer and as a storyteller. From engagements to babies to careers to music, variety is my sanity and my outlet for creativity. I love documenting people doing what they love and being with those they love, and preserving those moments brings me more joy than I could have ever expected.

Pacific Northwest born and raised, I have a passion for the outdoors and desire to create in whatever capacity I can. The landscape of this area shapes my work and hones my style with gritty film, pine needles, and cloud-covered sun influences. 

I fully believe that I create because I am created, and that I inherited my passion and attention to detail from my Creator. 

I hope we get to work together in the future! Contact me to discuss rates and your photographic needs!