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Amanda Kolstedt is a photographer originally from the misty grayness of the PNW. She loves flannel and grain (both of the carb and film varieties).


My journey began with disposable cameras on a farm in Graham, WA. In middle school I graduated to my dad’s old Ricoh 35mm and fell in love with the grain in Ilford HP5. When I finally went digital I knew I still wanted the tactile grit of an analogue system. My style was borne out of the misty grayness of Washington skies and old film scans.

I like simple things - low clouds, tall grass, short lighting. I love printed t-shirts and flannel. I like good music (and some really bad music). My love language is movie quotes. I wholeheartedly believe that I create because I was created, and that I inherited my passion and attention to detail from my Creator. 

Honesty is the most beautiful thing in the world to me. I'm not a fan of ideologies - humans are messy, and reality is so much more interesting than posed snapshots for picture frames. Personality over perfection is my preference (as is alliteration, apparently). Success for me is knowing we created something that represents you, and who/what you love, well. 


No, I have never ridden a moose // No, I cannot see Russia from my house // I live in Anchorage, and it's actually a real city with a handful of skyscrapers, 2 Costcos, a Buffalo Wild Wings, and running water // The light in the winter makes the cold totally worth it // Yes, you should vacation here (and let me follow you around with a camera) // Yes, I travel worldwide for work

Yes, I'm in Alaska.


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For pricing information, date availability, destination inquiries, or any other information, please shoot me a message - let's make rad things together! 

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